Caths Vegan Kitchen

“Cakes and bakes with or without all the naughty bits”

About Us

Cath Johnston

I am a cook who loves to bake and have spent years learning my trade. I specialise in vegan food along with a wide range of sugar free baking and products made from gluten free ingredients. I have one goal:

To bake delicious food full of flavour which looks wonderful and tastes heavenly, no matter what your diet.

I became vegan in the early 80’s where our diet was cobbled together from Kosher margarine, soya milk that tasted of liquidised cardboard and a lot of trial and error. We persevered and I slowly developed my love of baking. I’ve decided if we wanted to spread the word and eat well, the way forward was to open our own ‘vegan café’ and after help a friend make vegan and sugar free cakes for Glastonbury and weeks helping at the Sunflower Café in Greater Manchester, plus a vegan cookery school in Leicester we were ready. We opened our co-operative vegan café, Out To Munch, in Nottingham followed by our successful evening vegan restaurant, Salamander, and they went from strength to strength.

Eventually I left to travel the word and on my return worked for the much-established Eighth Day vegetarian restaurant in Manchester, before leaving to have a family. Have spent the last few years baking for family and friends and experimenting with new recipes.

Times have changed and my list of available ingredients has grown but the principals remain the same vegan food with no compromise just a great taste.